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Innovation in Communication









Hosting Solutions


Services such as Web hosting, Mail hosting and FTP hosting are provided with secure

and stable servers.







Network Auditing and Server Security


We aim to offer the best consultations when it comes to disaster recovery policies and business continuity plans.









Project Management


TassCom offers independent project management and coordination of all necessary contractors for a complete project success







Website Designing


So you need a website. It doesn’t matter whether you are a lone entrepreneur working from your garage or you’re expanding into the big time, you need a website that looks professional and fits your pocket.









Hardware Maintenance


We are here to maintain your hardware. From laptops, PCs, mobile devices, servers and storage, we will maintain all this at lower costs.











Take advantage of our consultancy to avoid costly mistakes









Software Maintenance


Outsource software maintenance services to TassCom and get access to efficient software maintenance services for your existing software.








Telecommunication Solutions

The days of it being about the telephone are fast disappearing. we bring you innovation in communication solutions through planned IP communication system









Storage IT


TassCom will help your business in adapting to the key storage trends;

* Backups

* Cloud based storage

* Storage Virtualisation